Geometrics Cal – Part 5

Time flies!
Now it is already week 5 of the Geometrics Cal.
Over half of the blanket is already finished. Next week part 6 will follow and in part 7 we are doing the border.

If you followed the pattern you have already worked 163 rows. Congrats!

Part 5 is again a longer part with 52 rows. At first we repeat pattern 4 that we already know from part 3. This is followed by a repetition of pattern 1, then the new pattern 6 and another repetition of pattern 1.

Fortunately I have better photos of part 5 than I had of part 4. When I finished with part 4 we had a bad weather period and there was quite a lot of rain and dark clouds in the sky.

And here is my colour placement. For pattern 4, as in part 3, I used Walnut and Lime. Pattern 6 is done in Copper and Parchment.

If you are looking for the former parts, you will find them here

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

Part 4

See you next week!

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