Geometrics Cal – Part 1

Finally the Geometrics Cal starts

and If you joined in I wish you lots of fun!

This is my part 1. For the test I started to work on it at the end of July.

As I wrote before I didn’t follow Anas colourway. I used the same colours that Inam using for my When Summer turns into Fall blanket, also one of Anas designs. I didn’t plan the colours beforehand but decided spontaneously how to proceed. If you are interested in my color scheme I will provide the colours I used for each part of the Cal here for download. I think this is much easier than listing them in the Ravelry notes.

My yarn and colours

I used Stylecraft Special DK in the colours Parchment, Walnut, Copper and Gold. I replaced Lime with the colour Nijmegen from Scheepjes Colour Crafter, that should be the same tone. I worked with a 4,0 mm hook throughout.

  • C1 / Parchment
  • C2 / Walnut
  • C3 / Nijmeggen (Lime)
  • C4 / Copper
  • C5 / Gold

So here we go with my fall colours

You also can download a printer-friendly pdf, have fun!

And here some more impressions of my part 1

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