Back home

I have been back home for a little more than a week after a wonderful holiday now and I am still a bit sad!
Due to Corona we stayed in Germany and have been to the Black Forest, a wonderful region in the south of our country. My home is in an area that is a bit hilly but not particularly high (about 120 m above sea level). That’s why I’m always fascinated when I’m either on the flat land such as the North Sea coast, or in the mountains.

The Black Forest has a lot of woods, mountains, green willows and cows. The mountains are up to 1.500 m above sea level although you usually don’t even notice it when you are at 800 m yourself.

We stayed at at lovely vacation home in St.Märgen and have done a lot of hikes.

Our place was the perfect backdrop to take some nice photos of my Geometrics blanket.

Besides that I haven’t tested any crochet patterns! I started knitting socks! I should have chosen a simpler pattern though. After I haven’t knitted for over a year my stitches don’t look very neat. I will have to practice this a little more.

And I managed to make a little progress on my When Summer turns into Fall blanket.

Back home I am working on some tests again and I think I will be able to show them next month. Ana is just creating a lovely Winter / Christmas blanket, Daiga from BebaBlanket is also very busy and there will be a new design from Pam Kinghton-Haener.

Meanwhile here some more holiday impressions.

Have a nice week 💕

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