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Fancy Nancy

While revising my Pattern Tests page I noticed that I still haven‘t shown my Fancy Nancy square. Shame! So I thought I would write a quick post to catch up!

Fancy Nancy is a design by Pam Knighton-Haener from a Yarn of Serendipity. I tested this pattern already in October last year.

Normally her squares are designed to use an Aran cotton yarn. I must confess not exactly my favorite yarn. At least I haven‘t found one I like to work with yet. So this time I decided to try my standard acrylic DK yarn. Just to see how it works.

I used Stylecraft Special DK in Copper, Parchment and Gold, my favorite autumn colours. I followed her colour scheme 2 and only switched the colour for the last round.

With Aran the squares should be 28 cm (11 inch) or about 30 cm (12 inch) depending on the hook size. With DK yarn my Fancy Nancy became 25 x 25 cm (about 10 inch) tall.

I am very pleased with my result although I assume a cotton yarn would work better. Pat uses a lot of trebles and double trebles in her patterns. These stitches just look better when they are blocked. Unfortunately I still have problems to block acrylic yarn properly.

Fancy Nancy Square

I started testing for Pam in September 2020 and since then had the opportunity to test four of her lovely squares. Well, five, to be correct! I just finished testing her latest design. The pattern has not been published yet, so I cannot show it. But what I can show again are the squares I have made so far.

Maybe I should get some suitable cotton yarn and make some more? One day it would make a beautiful blanket.

All of Pam’s designs are so rich in texture, they would even look great in a solid colour.

If you would like to try one of Pam’s designs just visit her Ravelry store. She also offers some of her patterns for free, have a look!

Brood of Angels

Brood of Angels

is the latest design from Pam Knighton-Haener / A Yarn of Serendipity. Another lovely design for an Afghan square.

As she writes in her pattern intro the  Brood of Angels Square is an interpretation and expression of love for her diverse family. That’s so lovely!

The square is designed for Aran or Worsted weight yarn and is either 11 or 12 inches, depending on which hook size is used, 4,5 mm or 5,00 mm. Although it has round by round pictures It is definitely an advanced pattern.

I tested this pattern in July and it was quite a challenge as I checked not only the written pattern but also the videos Pam made for the more complicated rounds. It was the first time I tested a video and it is completely different from testing a written pattern. You have to make sure that the spoken words match what the hands are doing and that this also corresponds to what is written in the instructions. It needs a lot of concentration.! But it also was a lot of fun and lively discussions and exchange about how to best express the complicated stitch sequences.

The pattern suggests two different colour ways. I followed colour way 1 and only deviated from it in round 17. I used 6 different colours of Drops Paris.

  • Colour A / 66 Plum
  • Colour B / 17 Off White
  • Colour C / 62 Sage Green
  • Colour D / 60 Dark Old Pink
  • Colour E / 58 Powder Pink
  • Colour F / 59 Light Old Pink

I am not quite sure about colour E. It also could be no 32 Light Blue Purple, unfortunately I lost the banderole.

Using a 4,5 mm hook my square turned out to be 29,5 cm – nearly 12 inch – and thus slightly bigger than it should be. But it has the same size as the other squares I made from Pams patterns. My tension always is a bit loose when I am working with Drops Paris. The yarn slips a bit and I really struggle with tension. Going down a hook size doesn‘t help because it makes me fell very uncomfortable.

I would like to try her designs in a single colour DK yarn to see how it works and how it looks. Maybe one day … *sigh*

But now here my finished square

Brood of Angels Square / pattern by Pam Knighton-Haener, A Yarn of Serendipity
Another view of my Brood of Angels Square / pattern by Pam Knighton-Haener, A Yarn of Serendipity

It is my third test for Pam and also the third square I made of her designs.

My first one was the Carter Jude Square. I made it in September 2020.

Carter Jude Square / pattern by Pam Knighton-Haener, A Yarn of Serendipity

And the second was the Margaret Square which I tested this year at the end of April. I wrote about in this post.

Margaret Square / pattern by Pam Knighton-Haener, A yarn of Serendipity

Aren‘t they lovely?

And the best: my next test for Pam will start in October, YAY! Be curios!

And also be curios for the first part of Geometrics Cal and another pattern release by BebaBlanket. Both coming next week.