Hearts, hearts, hearts

Are you looking for some quick makes for Valentine’s Day? I found some free patterns for crocheted hearts that are really quick and easy to make. They are perfect for lovingly decorating a gift!

It started when I was looking for a certain document in my ‘pattern stash’ last week and stumbled across a pattern I had saved – probably years ago: Crocheted Hearts by Schachenmayr. It was not the pattern I was looking for but it was that ‘oh- look what I have’-moment, so I grabbed some yarn….

The two hearts in the bottom are made with the ‘Crocheted Hearts’ pattern from Schachemayr. The pattern is available for free on their website.

The Granny heart on top is also a free pattern: Heart Motifs by Emma Escott, available either on her blog Lululoves or on Ravelry.

I used Schachemayr Catania in the colours # 192, Weinrot and # 222, Orchidee (the two Schachenmayr hearts) and Scheepjes Catona, colour # 251, Garden Rose (the Granny heart).

Another lovely – and free – pattern I found is the ‘Heart and Soul Ornament’ by Maria Molodova. It is available in her Ravelry store.
Originally this heart is made with three rounds (I especially love the last one, twisted single crochet) but I think it also looks very nice when done with only two rounds or even only one. The tiny hearts in my cover picture are also made with this pattern.

And last but not least: at the moment I am working on these little cuties: Little Amigurumi Hearts by Mari-Liis Lille (Lilleliis) which I saw on Instagram. You will also find this pattern via Ravelry.

Do you feel like crocheting some hearts? There are a lot more lovely patterns out there. (Unfortunately I don’t have the time to try them out all.) Have fun!