New Colourway

Mere Curiosity

I have spent the last days with translating the Mere Curiosity pattern into German. Oh dear! Since German is my mother tongue I actually thought this was a good idea. Well … I hadn’t considered how long it had been since I had worked with a German pattern! In some places it was really difficult for me to find the right terms. I hope I have done it well! Any feedback is welcome!

However … To check the German instructions I made a new square. Originally I had planned to use four colours. After 10 rounds it looked too much like 70s for me, so I decided to add another colour. So now there is a new colourway available using 5 colours!

I used yarn from my stash, the brands are a bit mixed.

Schachenmayr Catania
# 206 – Honig
# 254 – Taupe
#+392 – Lime

    Scheepjes Catona
    # 520 – Lavender

    Uschi Wolle Superglanz
    # 63 – ?

    Uschi Wolle is a German brand and unfortunately I only have the colour number and no name. I’d call it ‘Lachs’ which means ‘salmon’ in English. It is a little bit lighter than # 427 Scampi from Catania.

    If you are interested you can download the new colour chart here.

    Have a nice weekend

    Mere Curiosity

    What was your biggest crochet adventure last year? Besides testing all these lovely patterns mine was Mere Curiosity!

    In the last year Pam Knighton-Haener from A Yarn of Serendipity has started a design group within her group of testers. Late last summer, I finally started to develop a design together with her. The result was Mere Curiosity.

    What an adventure and what fun! Each of us designed a few rounds and then passed on the design to the other to continue.
    Most of the work – I knew that already – was writing down the pattern with all it’s details like abbreviations, stitches used etc. Finally the pattern was tested in Pam’s test group in December. I’m just making the last little changes and then the pattern will be available in my Ravelry store, stay tuned!
    We will donate the proceeds from the sales to Unicef to help Ukraine.

    The finished square has 39 stitches per side and fits to Pam’s other squares. The final size of course will depend on the yarn and hook size you use.

    For our samples we had the following results

    Pam’s square from the pattern

    Aran / Worsted Weight / #4

    4,5 mm hook

    24 cm / 11”

    My sample from the pattern (the blue one)

    DK / Light worsted / #3

    3,5 mm hook

    24 cm / 9,5”

    The two samples shown below

    Sport weight / #2

    3 mm hook

    21 cm / 8,5”

    Fingering weight / #1

    2,75 mm hook

    20,5 cm / 8”

    Mere Curiosity in Colourway 1

    is made with Hobbii Rainbow Cotton 8/4 , a 2,75 mm hook and measures about 20,5 cm / about 8”.

    Colour A – Hobbii Rainbow Cotton 8/4 – # 64 Dark Powder Rose
    Colour B – Hobbii Rainbow Cotton 8/4 – # 50 Light Coral
    Colour C – Hobbii Rainbow Cotton 8/4 – # 02 Natural White

    Mere Curiosity in Colourway 2

    Is made with Schachenmayr Catania, a 3 mm hook and measures about 21 cm / 8,5”.

    Colour A – Schachenmayr Catania – # 427, Scampi
    Colour B – Schachenmayr Catania – # 263, Soft Apricot
    Colour C – Schachenmayr Catania – # 437, Sunkissed
    Colour D – Schachenmayr Catania – # 402, Reseda

    For this square I followed Pam’s colourway and only swapped colours C and D for rounds 7 and 8.

    I hope you like Mere Curiosity as much as we do!

    … and another test for Pam

    Sage Advice Square

    I tested this little beauty already in August.
    Once again I had the feeling that I didn’t have the right colours in my Rainbow Cotton to do justice to this design. So I used a yarn that I had actually ordered to try out for a completely different project. Drops Muskat.
    Drops Muskat is a mercerised cotton yarn, classified as DK yarn with 100 m per 50 g. It comes in 45 colours and has a lovely shine that gives it a bit a vintage touch (at least in my eyes). It splits a bit, so you have to be careful when crocheting, but I’ve worked with yarns where this was worse. And the finished look is worth the effort I think.

    As always Pam‘s design is rich with stitch combinations and full of texture. And again the square was designed with a Aran / worsted weight (#4) yarn. Depending on the hook size it is supposed to be either 11 x 11” (4,5 mm hook) or 12” x 12” ( 5 mm hook). That makes approx. 28 cm respectively 30,5 cm in the square.

    It was absolutely fun to test it! Here some details of my version:


    Sage Advice Square
    available on Ravelry


    Pam Knighton-Haener from A Yarn of Serendipity


    regular crochet


    Drops Muskat
    100 % cotton, #3


    following colour way 2
    A — 81, Clay 
    B — 61, Light Beige 
    C — 85, Mustard 
    D — 24, Taupe


    Clover Amour Hook, 4 mm

    Finished Size

    approx. 25 x 25 cm (about 10 inch)

    A new design from Pam

    Head over Heels Square

    Head over Heals is the new design from Pam Knighton-Haener / A Yarn of Serendipity. I had the pleasure to test this square in July.

    Although I had decided at some point to do all her tests with Hobbii Rainbow Cotton 8/4, this time I felt I didn’t have the right colours for it. So I came back to my SSDK after all. Instead of the 4 mm hook I normally use with this yarn I chose 4,5 mm this time. I think the result is better but I am still not 100% satisfied with the stitch definition.

    I love the colours though. I wanted to try this combination for a long time

    Cream, Apricot, Pistachio, Silver and Graphite.

    Square I

    For my test square I followed Pam‘s colour way 2 with some slight changes for two rounds. Hooking the square I was so fascinated by the center part that I wanted to see how it would look in another colour combination. And I also was curious how my colours would look in another arrangement. So I made a second one following my own ideas. Not sure which one I like better.

    I was thinking about mounting one of the squares on a cushion cover. Unfortunately I only have one in a dark grey. So I’m already thinking about whether I should make a third square in slightly brighter colours, hm … Well, we will see!

    Square Ii

    Here some details


    Head over Heels Square
    available on Ravelry


    Pam Knighton-Haener from A Yarn of Serendipity


    regular crochet


    Stylecraft Special DK

    Colours Square I

    Following Pam’s colour way 2
    A – Cream
    B – Graphite
    C- Pistachio
    D – Apricot
    E – Silver
    round 7 – colour A
    round 8 – colour E

    Colours Square II

    Round 1 – Cream
    Round 2 – Pistachio
    Round 3 – Cream
    Round 4 – Cream
    Round 5 – Graphite
    Round 6 – Silver
    Round 7 – Apricot
    Round 8 – Cream
    Round 9 – Silver
    Round 10 – Pistachio
    Round 11 – Apricot
    Round 12 – Graphite
    Round 13 – Pistachio
    Round 14 – Cream
    Round 15 – Graphite


    Clover Amour hook, 4,5 mm

    Test No.3/2022 for Pam

    Sweet Delusions Square

    … another beautiful design by A Yarn of Serendipity – Pam Knighton-Haener and my test no. 3 out of 4 that I have completed for Pam this year. And still more to come … YAY!

    The Sweet Delusions Square is featured in the BAMCAL 2022 – Crochet a Block-a-Month— on Ravelry. It’s the square for the month August.
    The pattern is available as a free download on Pam’s website or as a paid pattern on Ravelry. The paid version has additional features like the very helpful round-by-roubd pictures and links that help you to navigate through the document.

    For Sweet Delusions I stayed with my Hobbii Rainbow cotton 8/4 just as I had intended. I like the result and think the colours go very well together.
    Although I can imagine it in different colours as well. Maybe different shades of green and a little bit of cream? Or shades of purple? There are so many possibilities!


    Sweet Delusions Square
    available on Ravelry


    Pam Knighton-Haener from A Yarn of Serendipity


    14. June 2022


    regular crochet


    Hobbii Rainbow Cotton 8/4

    Colours and Placement

    28 Light Jeans Blue – colour A
    69 Lilac – colour B
    46 Old Rosa – colour C
    29 Jeans Blue – colour D
    97 Mist – colour E
    following colour way 1


    Clover Soft Touch, 2,5 mm

    Finished Size

    about 20 cm

    If you like Pam’s designs just have a look at my other tests:

    My test versions

    I hope you get some inspiration!

    New tests for Pam

    This year, Pam Knighton-Haener from A Yarn of Serendipity has created some new designs and so far I have already been able to test three of them. Two are already published, so I can show them. The third one is still in the testing phase and will be released in August.

    As you may know I have been unsure all the time which yarn to use. Pam’s squares are designed to use a cotton yarn in Aran weight. Depending on hook size – 4,5 or 5 mm hook – the finished size will be 11 or 12 inch – that’s about 28 respectively 30,5 cm.

    When I started testing for Pam in 2020 I made my first squares with Drops Paris and Love you 8 using a 4,5 mm hook. I love the colours of Drops as they are soft and subtle but somehow I don’t like to work with Aran weight. It’s probably a matter of practice, but I’m never satisfied with the look of my stitches when I use Aran. Especially since Pam often uses trebles and double trebles. Somehow it stresses me out and I have been looking for alternatives.
    So, after a short excursion to Stylecraft Special DK (not as good stitch definition as cotton and harder to block), I came to Hobbii Rainbow Cotton 8/4. It is a fingering weight with 170 m / 50 g. Much thinner than Aran but I still think my squares are a good size at around 19 or 20 cm. I like the colours, I’m happy with the look of my stitches, I feel less stressed – I’m sticking with it.
    Luckily Pam doesn’t mind me using it.

    The first Square I tested this year was the

    Simple Wonders Square


    Simple Wonders Square
    available on Ravelry


    Pam Knighton-Haener from A Yarn of Serendipity


    06. February 2022


    regular crochet


    Hobbii Rainbow Cotton 8/4
    170 m / 50 g

    Colours and Placement

    65 Apricot Colour A
    97 Mist Colour B
    13 Grayish Purple Colour C
    Following colour way 1


    Clover Soft Touch, 2,5 mm

    Finished Size

    app. 19 cm

    And the second one was the lovely

    Apart Together Square


    Apart Together Square
    available on Ravelry


    Pam Knighton-Haener from A Yarn of Serendipity


    06. April 2022


    regular crochet


    Hobbii Rainbow Cotton 8/4
    170 m / 50 g

    Colours and Placement

    69 Lilac Colour A
    97 Mist Colour B
    46 Old Rose Colour C
    Following colour way 2


    Clover Soft Touch, 2,5 mm

    Finished Size

    app. 19 cm

    If you are interested in the other squares I tested for Pam, just have a look

    From left to right:
    Carter Jude Square, Brood of Angels, Margaret Square, all made with Drops yarn

    … and Fancy Nancy, made with Stylecraft Special DK

    Have a good time

    Fancy Nancy

    While revising my Pattern Tests page I noticed that I still haven‘t shown my Fancy Nancy square. Shame! So I thought I would write a quick post to catch up!

    Fancy Nancy is a design by Pam Knighton-Haener from a Yarn of Serendipity. I tested this pattern already in October last year.

    Normally her squares are designed to use an Aran cotton yarn. I must confess not exactly my favorite yarn. At least I haven‘t found one I like to work with yet. So this time I decided to try my standard acrylic DK yarn. Just to see how it works.

    I used Stylecraft Special DK in Copper, Parchment and Gold, my favorite autumn colours. I followed her colour scheme 2 and only switched the colour for the last round.

    With Aran the squares should be 28 cm (11 inch) or about 30 cm (12 inch) depending on the hook size. With DK yarn my Fancy Nancy became 25 x 25 cm (about 10 inch) tall.

    I am very pleased with my result although I assume a cotton yarn would work better. Pat uses a lot of trebles and double trebles in her patterns. These stitches just look better when they are blocked. Unfortunately I still have problems to block acrylic yarn properly.

    Fancy Nancy Square

    I started testing for Pam in September 2020 and since then had the opportunity to test four of her lovely squares. Well, five, to be correct! I just finished testing her latest design. The pattern has not been published yet, so I cannot show it. But what I can show again are the squares I have made so far.

    Maybe I should get some suitable cotton yarn and make some more? One day it would make a beautiful blanket.

    All of Pam’s designs are so rich in texture, they would even look great in a solid colour.

    If you would like to try one of Pam’s designs just visit her Ravelry store. She also offers some of her patterns for free, have a look!

    Brood of Angels

    Brood of Angels

    is the latest design from Pam Knighton-Haener / A Yarn of Serendipity. Another lovely design for an Afghan square.

    As she writes in her pattern intro the  Brood of Angels Square is an interpretation and expression of love for her diverse family. That’s so lovely!

    The square is designed for Aran or Worsted weight yarn and is either 11 or 12 inches, depending on which hook size is used, 4,5 mm or 5,00 mm. Although it has round by round pictures It is definitely an advanced pattern.

    I tested this pattern in July and it was quite a challenge as I checked not only the written pattern but also the videos Pam made for the more complicated rounds. It was the first time I tested a video and it is completely different from testing a written pattern. You have to make sure that the spoken words match what the hands are doing and that this also corresponds to what is written in the instructions. It needs a lot of concentration.! But it also was a lot of fun and lively discussions and exchange about how to best express the complicated stitch sequences.

    The pattern suggests two different colour ways. I followed colour way 1 and only deviated from it in round 17. I used 6 different colours of Drops Paris.

    • Colour A / 66 Plum
    • Colour B / 17 Off White
    • Colour C / 62 Sage Green
    • Colour D / 60 Dark Old Pink
    • Colour E / 58 Powder Pink
    • Colour F / 59 Light Old Pink

    I am not quite sure about colour E. It also could be no 32 Light Blue Purple, unfortunately I lost the banderole.

    Using a 4,5 mm hook my square turned out to be 29,5 cm – nearly 12 inch – and thus slightly bigger than it should be. But it has the same size as the other squares I made from Pams patterns. My tension always is a bit loose when I am working with Drops Paris. The yarn slips a bit and I really struggle with tension. Going down a hook size doesn‘t help because it makes me fell very uncomfortable.

    I would like to try her designs in a single colour DK yarn to see how it works and how it looks. Maybe one day … *sigh*

    But now here my finished square

    Brood of Angels Square / pattern by Pam Knighton-Haener, A Yarn of Serendipity
    Another view of my Brood of Angels Square / pattern by Pam Knighton-Haener, A Yarn of Serendipity

    It is my third test for Pam and also the third square I made of her designs.

    My first one was the Carter Jude Square. I made it in September 2020.

    Carter Jude Square / pattern by Pam Knighton-Haener, A Yarn of Serendipity

    And the second was the Margaret Square which I tested this year at the end of April. I wrote about in this post.

    Margaret Square / pattern by Pam Knighton-Haener, A yarn of Serendipity

    Aren‘t they lovely?

    And the best: my next test for Pam will start in October, YAY! Be curios!

    And also be curios for the first part of Geometrics Cal and another pattern release by BebaBlanket. Both coming next week.

    Margaret Square

    Margaret Square

    A pattern test for A Yarn of Serendipity

    In April I was able to test another design of Pam Knighton-Haener from A Yarn of Serendipity.

    She designed this lovely square for someone who changed the trajectory of her craft, Margaret.

    I used Drops Paris and Drops Love You 8 for this test. I followed color way 1 and replaced the colors as follows

    Colour A / Off White

    Colour B / Jeans Blue

    Colour C / Sage Green

    And here my result

    I love the combination of Blue and Sage, it’s kind of calming. Using a 4,5 mm hook my blocked square is about 30 cm / 12 inch.

    I loved testing this design. Pam’s patterns are always very detailed and well worked out! The skill level is intermediate but every stitch is explained very well. And there are clear and helpful row by row pictures that show exactly the stitch placement and so on. 

    If you like the Margaret square you should also have a look at at a series of squares she designed in legacy of her grandchildren. I was able to test one of them in September 2020, the Carter Jude Square. 

    The patterns are available in Pam’s Ravelry Store.

    Stardust Melodies

    Stardust Melodies –

    An almost forgotten project

    April has gone, May has come and my days are still busy …

    Although the weather is too chilly for this season, some of our perennials are starting to bloom. I did some gardening, pulled weeds, cut back and planted some lettuce and herbs in the cold frame.

    And besides the usual housework I finished some crochet tests.

    Pam Knighton-Haener from A Yarn of Serendipity designed another lovely 12inch square. Her tests are always run in different phases so I am afraid it still will take some time until the pattern will be released and I can show the results.

    Also worked on a test for another blanket designed by BebaBlanket. The pattern will be released somewhere in August.

    And I am still working on the last rows of a beautiful test for Moi-Raya. It‘s a square made in Carreaux Crochet and – as soon as I’ve finished it – I will tell more about it in another post.

    When I had a deep dive in my craft corner to find a suitable Aran yarn for Pam‘s test I came across some squares made from a pattern I bought 5 years ago

    Stardust Melodies – the pattern

    Stardust Melodies (pattern by Polly Plum)

    Stardust Melodies is a design by Polly Plum – 24 beautiful, textured afghan blocks.

    All are named after famous old songs like Dream a Little Dream of Me, Fools Rush In or It Had to Be You, just to name a few of them.

    Sometimes I like to listen to this old music, sung by Frank Sinatra, Bing Crosby, Elvis, Cole Porter and all the others …

    Stardust Melodies was released in 2017 as a Cal, consisting of 12 free squares and the option to buy an eBook with 12 additional squares. The skill levels vary between easy, intermediate and advanced.

    I liked both, the designs as well as the idea of naming them after old songs. So I bought the eBook 5 years ago, not knowing that this will become one of my long-time-projects.

    Stardust Melodies – my project

    I always have some WIPs around me as I like to switch between different projects. I finish most of them in a reasonable time, but there are some that stay with me for longer. They sometimes disappear to live in a drawer but only to reappear when the time has come. And so it happened to Stardust Melodies.

    I originally started this project in 2017 but put it aside after making a few squares. I wasn‘t happy with the color I had chosen and I also have to admit that I found some of squares quite difficult to make at that time. So I‘ve probably lost interest a little.

    About two years later I stumbled across the pattern again and was fascinated again by the varied but matching designs. So I had a second start. I tried different yarns to see what works best. And the break also showed me, how much I had learned within the past two years – the squares weren’t difficult at all.

    Stardust Melodies – my yarn

    My yarn choice was King Cole Cottonsoft DK, more or less leftovers from another project. I still like the result very much.

    I think now the time has come to finally end this project! I will have to sit down to work out how far I can get with my leftover yarns. As far as I have seen two of my colors are meanwhile discontinued and the other two are currently out of stock. Hm….. we will see…..

    Stardust Melodies – some impressions

    Here a selection of the squares I already made. I will have to take fresh photos when the weather and the light are better …

    From left to right:

    • Begin the Beguine
    • Just One of Those Things
    • Don‘t Fence Me In
    • No Moon at All

    From left to right:

    • Fools Rush In
    • Mack the Knife
    • Where or When
    • I‘m Beginning to See the Light