Geometrics Cal – Part 3

Today part 3 of the Geometrics Cal was released in Ana’s Ravelry shop. If you follow the Cal and finished part 2 you have already hooked 73 rows, only 190 rows to go until the border starts.

I have seen a lot of beautiful colour ways in Ana’s Facebook group or on Instagram. And I have to say I am a bit jealous. They all are so beautiful! I always struggle with my choice of colour and picking colours for a new project is definitely not the funniest part for me.

This time I thought it would be easy as I wanted to use the same colours as for my When Summer turns into Fall blanket. Colours that go perfectly together. But this time other things got in my way.

Originally I had planned to follow my own colour scheme with Parchment as main colour. Copper, Gold and Walnut as as accompanying colours and a bit of Lime as an accent.
To save time we tested the pattern part by part, just like a Cal. So when we started I knew only part 1 and part 2 of the pattern. And I have to admit I didn’t plan my colours in advance, nor did I pay attention to how Ana arranged the colours. So it happened that when we got to part 3 I realized that I had started somehow wrong.

I already made the mistake in row 3. Since Overlay Mosaic changes the colour every row I shouldn’t have used my main colour as the start – and thus also as the end – of the small separating border (pattern 1). This meant that I couldn’t use my main colour as the start of the next pattern … Small mistake, big effect …

Normally I would have started over. But when you are testing a pattern time is limited. At this point, I had already been working on my blanket for 9 days and was afraid that I would not be able to make up the time when I start again. I had to improvise …

So it happened that with part 3 my blanket suddenly got a slight retro look. I struggled with it for a long time, but meanwhile I love it and it has a good chance of becoming the most beloved blanket in this house.

So here my “improvised colour scheme”

See you next week!

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