Winter Wonderland – My colours Part 2

I really hoped that the weather would get better here, but unfortunately this is a typical November this year. Cold, grey, rainy and foggy.

I would have liked to have taken some nice pictures of my part 2. Unfortunately I forgot when I finished with it. Now the ones that I have must be enough.

I’m currently working on the last twenty rows. Phew! I don’t think I had that yet, that a pattern was already published but I haven’t done my project yet. But sometimes it unfortunately happens that life gets in the way. I am very happy that I could at least finish the test beforehand by only doing a small swatch over 2 repeats for the last part. I only used some yarn that I just had there, but I actually like the colours very much. I really have to take a picture, my swatch looks completely different.

Yarn Update

Since I am nearly finished with the blanket now, I can also better estimate how much yarn I will need.
At the moment they are, for the blanket

  • 4 balls White
  • 2 balls Silver
  • 2 balls Grey
  • 2 balls Graphite
  • 1 ball Lipstick

And for the border an extra ball Lipstick and probably one more Graphite.

My colour placement

And here the colours I used for part 2

I hope you have fun 💕

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