Winter Wonderland – Part 4

Week 4 of the Winter Wonderland has come. Time for the snowmen!

But before I show you the colours I used for part 4 here my

My final yarn amounts

I already listed the rough yarn amounts last week when I was still working on the border. Here some more details with all my leftovers.

I needed a total of 13 balls Stylecraft Special DK and used 1.044 g / 3.080 m of them . This is nearly the same amount that Ana used for her blanket.

But now to my

My colours Part 4

To be honest I was struggling a bit with my colour choices for this part.

After the relatively dark Graphite and Lipstick I used for pattern 8 I thought the blanket could do with something lighter again. So I choose White and Silver.
When I finished the bodies of the snowmen and started with the heads I became unsure wether this was really such a good choice. They looked kind of plump and pale.

Do you know what I mean?

But, when you test a pattern, time usually plays a major role. You have to think twice wether you rip back 15 rows or not. And as long as there is no mistake that inevitably catches the eye, you probably let it be. And so I continued even if I wasn‘t very happy about it.

I was all the more pleased when I noticed that Ana had created this little fun touch! Little shawls to dress the snowme.n. They really do wonders, don‘t they?

I made 8 little shawls in Graphite and 1 Lipstick. The red shawl is worn by snowman No. 3 (the third seen from the right). I used 40 chains and I think they are exactly the right length.


And here my colours for part 4

Happy hooking 💕

Winter Wonderland Pattern

My colours part 1

My colours part 2

My colours part 3

6 thoughts on “Winter Wonderland – Part 4”

  1. I have purchased the winter wonderland pattern. Can’t start it til January! Thanks for these posts! I hope I can find them again in January!!! Everyone’s afghans are gorgeous!!!


    1. Thank you and you are welcome Mary!
      The posts will stay here and so will the links on my Ravelry project page. So you can still find them via the projects on the Ravelry pattern page or my user name Eleni57.
      I wish you lost of fun 💕


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