Winter Wonderland – My colours part 6

Part 6 is the final part of the Winter Wonderland Cal, the instructions for the border.

It is a double border that will hide all the yarn ends.
If you don‘t like double borders you can of course chose another variant. In connection with the border of my Geometrics blanket, I recently wrote how I feel about it. I don’t want to repeat myself here now, only so much: I love it! A double border is a great finish and worth the effort. At least in my opinion.

Unfortunately this time I had some difficulties with my slip stitch round. I had planned to make a two coloured border with a back layer in Lipstick and front layer in a mix of Graphite and Lipstick. So I thought a slip stitch round in red would look nice. I started my slip stitch round in Lipstick – and started my slip stich round and started my slip stich round again… And I didn’t get it neat.

I have recently noticed that there are differences in the thickness of acrylic yarns, even within a brand. In any case, the thread of my Lipstick seemed to be thicker and this may have caused the problems. I don’t know. My solution was to switch to Silver. Since I need new glasses anyway I wanted to have some contrast at the top and the bottom side to make it easier to identify the stitches when working the first round.

From then on everything went smoothly until I finished the first round of the front layer. Ana’s way of working a double border leaves a narrow line of the slip stitch round visible right next to the border. Silver looks good combined with the grey parts on top and bottom of the blanket but I didn’t like the look in the darker parts of the long sides at all. I started all over and this time worked the first round of the front layer on the long sides through both loops. Not the best solution but at least it looks a bit better.

If you follow my colour way I would advise that you use red for the slip stitch round! If you have the same problems as I had, I’d suggest that you use Grey or Graphite but not Silver or White. But keep in mind that Grey and Graphite will be hardly visible on the top and bottom sides.

Have fun with this last section of this beautiful pattern 💕

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