What’s going on right now…

The last month was a really busy one. Besides work on and in the house – we now have solar panels on the roof – I was suffering from a cold and had a severe conjunctivitis. So my cochet time was a bit limited.

Meanwhile it is autumn here in Germany. Last week we were on the road when suddenly the temperature gauge of our car went crazy. So we went straight to the garage. They wanted to keep the car there to check what the problem could be. To start with, they found nothing, probably it was due to the humidity – it was often foggy the days before – nobody knows … However, it gave us a nice walk home! It was a pleasantly warm day and we found lots of chestnuts on our way.

In my little crochet world

Ana has released her new pattern, Hope. She designed it as a homage for her father who lost his fight against cancer.
I decided to make a nice shawl / wrap with this lovely pattern to keep my shoulders warm in winter. Hopefully I will be able to finish it the next few days.

Besides I started testing Ana’s new design for a winter Cal. But this is still a secret. I am planning to make a wall hanging with separate panels and all in different heights. Ana uses a yarn with a colour gradient, that much I think I can reveal. I have to go with my stash and couldn’t decide on a colour that suits the theme. So I will make it colourful. I am still struggling a bit with my selected colours and their placement but I hope that everything will work out in the end and it will look nice.

Pam from A Yarn of Serendipity also has released a new pattern: Sage Advice Square. Lovely and rich in texture as always. I will show you all details of my test version in some days.

And I started a little, more private, design challenge together with Pam. Some weeks ago she “founded” a little designing group in our test team. Now we are designing a square together. Each of us designs some rounds – absolutely exciting! I am curious to see what comes out of it and hope I can show you more soon.

That’s all for today – stay tuned!

It’s been a while …

I am very sorry it has been so quite here for quite a while. Life really got very busy! Since testing the Hello Spring pattern I finished – or better nearly finished – 6 other tests. Although most of them were smaller ones it was quite though. Besides we renovated a room and I painted walls and assembled furnitures. In the middle of May I ended up feeling pretty drained and desperately needed a holiday. Now I am just trying to get back to a normal rhythm!

Unfortunately I can’t show you most of my works yet because the patterns are not yet published. What I will show you soon are the two squares I tested for Pam Knighton-Haener. And one of Ana‘s new patterns will also be released these days. So stay tuned!

But first, here are a few pictures from our holiday. We were in the Black Forest for a few days to celebrate my birthday.

Surrounded by forest, birdsong and flowering meadows

And our lovely holiday place

Exactly what I needed!

See you very soon 💕

Ukraine Donation

UPDATE, 28.03.2022

I totally forgot, sorry,

Ana donated € 550 to UNICEF and € 550 to Red Cross. Both organizations support the Ukraine during this terrible war. The donation was made on March, 14.

Thank you so much for your support 💙💛💙💛💙

I just have to share this with you:

Yesterday Ana Morais Soares from One Skein of Love started a campaign on her Facebook group to raise money for Ukraine.

100 % of the money from the sales of her pattern All we need is a Hug will be donated to UNICEF and Doctors without Borders (Médecins Sans Frontière).

These two organizations support Ukrainian citizens during the war.
Unicef is trying to help with food and water that is missing in many places there. They also care for children who have to flee with their families or have been separated from their parents.
Doctors without Borders helps with working in hospitals or all kind of medicines and health materials that are missing badly.

Ana’s campaign will run until Sunday, 13. March 2022. I think it is a great idea to support these organizations and got my pattern copy yesterday.

You can get yours either in Ana’s Ravelry shop or on Etsy.

Thanks a million for your support 💗

2021 is gone

I am probably a bit late with my review of the past year, but better late than never, as we say. I have been working on a new test since the middle of December and hardly have time for anything else. Due to various circumstances the time frame to finish this test is more than sporty. It is a beautiful blanket but that’s all what I can tell you for now – it is a still a BIG secret.

Review 2021

Scrolling through my photos and thinking about the past year there were definitely some highlights. Like every year I was surprised how many there were and tried to capture them here.

One of the biggest highlights in 2021 was that I started my blog, otherwise I would not be sitting here writing this post right now. It all started last February on blogspot with “This and That – made by ELeni“. Later I decided to rework the blog completely and switch to WordPress. A decision I do not regret to this day.

Through the blog I got in touch with Ana from One Skein of Love. Now I test for her and am one of the admins of her Facebook group. As life goes!

From a crochet point of view 2021 had started with several tests for Dana from misssBerlin. It is always so much fun to create her little Dudes. In 2021 we had the The Succulent Dudes, The Suga’ Dudes, and The Carnival Treat Dude s. Unfortunately I did not manage to finish my Seashell Dudes, just as I did not finish my When Summer turns into Fall blanket.

My first test for Ana was the Gretchen blanket, followed by Oh So XOXO and two really big projects, Geometrics Cal and Winter Wonderland.

And in between, apart from some tests for BebaBlanket, I also worked with Pam from A Yarn of Serendipity again: The Margaret Square, Brood of Angels and Fancy Nancy, which I haven‘t shown here yet.

And, oh yes, I wrote down my own pattern, my first one, published on Ravelry. That was also quite an experience!

Quite a busy year!

And of course not forgetting the short holiday that we were able to take despite the pandemic. Something very precious in times like these. And the first peach from our little peach tree. Unfortunately we could only harvest one, the others fell from the tree before they were rally ripe. But the one was so sweet and delicious!

And, after one and a half socks have been hiding in my knitting basket since the beginning of 2020, they were finally finished for Christmas. Hubby has new socks and loves them.

I am curious to see what 2022 will bring! I wish you all the best for this year!

Back home

I have been back home for a little more than a week after a wonderful holiday now and I am still a bit sad!
Due to Corona we stayed in Germany and have been to the Black Forest, a wonderful region in the south of our country. My home is in an area that is a bit hilly but not particularly high (about 120 m above sea level). That’s why I’m always fascinated when I’m either on the flat land such as the North Sea coast, or in the mountains.

The Black Forest has a lot of woods, mountains, green willows and cows. The mountains are up to 1.500 m above sea level although you usually don’t even notice it when you are at 800 m yourself.

We stayed at at lovely vacation home in St.Märgen and have done a lot of hikes.

Our place was the perfect backdrop to take some nice photos of my Geometrics blanket.

Besides that I haven’t tested any crochet patterns! I started knitting socks! I should have chosen a simpler pattern though. After I haven’t knitted for over a year my stitches don’t look very neat. I will have to practice this a little more.

And I managed to make a little progress on my When Summer turns into Fall blanket.

Back home I am working on some tests again and I think I will be able to show them next month. Ana is just creating a lovely Winter / Christmas blanket, Daiga from BebaBlanket is also very busy and there will be a new design from Pam Kinghton-Haener.

Meanwhile here some more holiday impressions.

Have a nice week 💕

New Home

A brand new home for my blog

Finally my blog got a new home!

I was thinking about this step for the last months and spend a lot of time testing and comparing tools for creating a website. In the end I decided on WordPress because it is relatively widespread and WordPress themes or sites can be hosted by a large number of providers, regardless of their own web modules. And the biggest advantage: it was relatively easy for me to learn without much knowledge of html, CSS and the like.

Nevertheless I already know what I will miss about Blogger: the possibility to use different fonts and colours. For this I can place my pictures better here, define distances and write my texts more easily. Something that has always driven me crazy on my tablet so far. And that was worth the change!

As you may have noticed I also changed the name of my blog. I also thought about that for a long time. As I said, I wanted to create a connection between my native language and my crochet language because sometimes I really get tangled up in both. When I write something I often catch myself mixing English and German. So I think it represents me best if that is also reflected in the name of my blog.

The word Häkelmaschen may seem strange to you. In German it is written with ä, an umlaut, which doesn‘t exist in the english alphabet. Therefore I wanted to keep it simple and replaced the ä with an a in my web address (usually the ä is replaced with ae). After this little digression in the german language:

I hope you like my new blog – which is actually the old one – as much as I do! Thanks for stopping by.

Already August

Where has this year gone? Now it’s already August and I have the feeling that I can’t really finish any of my private projects. My Seashell Dudes, my When Summer turns into Fall blanket are still WIPs. My new blog is still not completely finished, let alone that I have already decided on a hosting provider.

But I have finished the test for Pam Knighton-Haener / A Yarn of Serendipity. It was quite a new experience because this time I checked the written instructions and also the videos she made for certain rounds. But more on that later when the pattern is published.

And I am working on a really big project: I am testing the pattern for a CAL that will probably start at the end of September! It will be a blanket in Overlay Mosaic technique but I can‘t reveal more yet …

I don‘t know how it is with you, but in Germany the summer 2021 is very changeable. It almost reminds me of the summers in my childhood when the climate crisis was not felt as clearly as it is now. We have quite a lot of rain and so far the heat waves that we had in the past few years have not materialized. Last year we had between 30 and 35 degrees Celsius around this time. I remember it so well because back then I tested Mosaic Christmas for BebaBlanket. That was a crazy feeling to test a Christmas pattern at 35 degrees!

Mosaic Christmas

was my second pattern in Overlay Mosaic. My first one was a placemat made with Chevron Apache Waves.I already mentioned it in this post. Mosaic Christmas is a pattern designed by BebaBlanket. It has charts for 4 different motifs, Christmas Trees, Snowflakes, gifts and an ornament that can be used as a separation.The main repeat goes over 45 stitches so the size is easily adjustable and you can create a lot of different items.

Mine was meant to be either a wall hanging or a table runner, it became a table runner.

I used Stylecraft Special Dk in Cypress and Cream. My Christmas Decoration is mostly red, so Green and White/cream is always a perfect match.

I only worked two repeats in width using the following layout

Ornaments / Christmas Trees / Gifts 
Gifts / Christmas Trees / Ornaments 

I didn‘t work a border but crocheted over the tails. Today I would just do a double border because I think it is a great finish but since it was only my second Overlay pattern I was just scared about all the tails. 😀

So, as it is already August, if you are looking for a nice Christmas project, here some more pics


Various things from the past few days

Little green Soap Cozy

Publishing my first crochet pattern has been quite an experience. In different ways. Although I have tested various patterns in the meantime and basically believe that I know what a pattern should contain, I was surprised how much work it is to put everything on paper. It is much more than just writing down the sequence of stitches and repeats as I usually do for myself. The main difficulty for me was to formulate everything in such a way that – hopefully – everyone understands it and to give the whole thing a – hopefully – logical (and good looking) structure. I hope I succeeded in both. In any case, I can now appreciate all the work and effort that a designer puts into his design even better.

From the beginning I wanted to publish the instructions here on my blog. But I also wanted to know how it works to publish a pattern on Ravelry.

Publishing on Ravelry isn’t as difficult as I thought. You will be led through a kind of questionnaire in which you describe everything about your pattern. Basically, that’s all.

But I was a little bit overwhelmed when – within half an hour or so – I got a notification from Ravelry that my pattern made it under the top 20 on their Spotlight Debut Patterns page. Honestly, I didn‘t expect that. Actually I was more prepared for nobody to show any interest and then that – YAY!

Now I really hope that there are no mistakes in the instructions and that people are happy with the result!

Pattern testing

I‘ve finally finished a test for BebaBlanket, only some tails to work away and some pictures to take. It is a small blanket in Mosaic crochet worked in the round. The pattern will be released in the middle of July.

Another test for Ana from One Skein of Love is currently in progress. Also a blanket made with Mosaic crochet and the pattern will probably also be published this month. Fortunately it’s ok for Ana that my blanket won’t be ready by then.

Besides testing

The last few weeks I have been busy with very different things, not everything was crochet related.

Thank God hubby and I finally managed to get our first dose of the covid vaccination. So far without any problems. I spent hours in the vaccination center myself because I got an appointment – quite surprisingly and at short notice – that someone else canceled. Apparently a lot of appointments for the second shot were canceled that day (there are things I don’t understand … ). The process was correspondingly chaotic, but the staff was very friendly and tried to get everything in order.

But most of the time I spend on my tablet right now:

For some time now, I’ve been thinking about switching to another platform with this blog. I am still struggling with the design here and am looking for something that offers me more possibilities. So I am testing WordPress at the moment. It is possible to import content from Blogger to WordPress so that nothing is lost. But in my opinion everything has to be revised as in WordPress the structure (and also the fonts) are different. So I am busy behind the scenes … and I am afraid I underestimated the work that includes all of this … again …

With all the revisions, I noticed that I have mentioned my Greek Islands blanket many times but never shown it. Time to change that! So another post introducing my Greek Island blanket will follow soon.

In the meantime, here are a few impressions of our roof garden, where we had a visitor yesterday.

In full bloom

Just some blooming impressions

Time is flying, May (and my birthday) have gone and it‘s already June.

After a lot of rain and cold days we finally had warmer weather and some sunshine this week.

Our little baby-sparrows have fledged but they are still being fed by their parents. Since they are not yet able to fly so well they usually just sit on the roof, chirping all day and wait for food.

After finishing the tests for Ana’s beautiful Gretchen blanket and Pam’s lovely Margaret square I am now working again on the tests for BebaBlanket. One of them will be released next month, yay!

So everything works but unfortunately there is nothing new to show. Therefore here just some impressions from our blooming garden.

Under the birch

Under the pine tree

Little Pansies, Elderflower and Daisies


And that‘s all for today. Have a lovely weekend 💕