Bloom the Mood

A pattern test for BebaBlanket

Bloom the Mood is a pattern from her BiS series.
BiS means Beauty in Simplicity . A series of quick and easy patterns that are meant as relaxing in between projects that don’t need too much counting.

And indeed, the pattern was relaxing and fun to work on!
It has charts for 4 different flower motifs and a chart for a separation section. You can combine them just the way you like.

The flowers immediately reminded me of an old cross-stitch pattern. So I originally planned to make a small wallhanging. I decided to go with a cotton yarn to make it not too big and bulky. And I also was looking for some subdued colours to take into account the old cross-stitch pattern.

On my search I came across the 8/4 Rainbow Cotton from hobbii. They have a great colour range and I wanted to try this yarn for a very long time. The colours look a little different on the website but I am still happy with what I got.

I choose the colour Mist (the one in the middle) for the background, Light Jeansblue for the separations and Sage Green for the Leaves. Powder Rose, Dark Powder Rose, Apricot and Grayish Purple for the flowers.

Later on I replaced Apricot with Lilac which is not shown on the picture above. Apricot is a bit too bright for the subdued look I wanted to create. It is still a beautiful colour though and looks great in combination with the Grayish Purple.
The yarn is smooth and soft and I love working with it! I am sure it will become one of my favorite cotton yarns for making light blankets, pillow cases and so on.

I started with a separation section and flower chart No. 1 in Dark Powder Rose.

Another separation and flower No. 2 in Powder Rose.

When I took the picture above and saw it lying on my table I decided spontaneously that it won’t be a wallhanging but a table runner for my dining table. And so I continued with flower No. 3 and No. 4.

No. 3 made in Lilac and No. 4 made in Grayish Purple.

I repeated the whole section once more but in the opposite order. And finally decided on a small double border.

I am very happy with the result. Doesn‘t it look gorgeous?

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