New Home

A brand new home for my blog

Finally my blog got a new home!

I was thinking about this step for the last months and spend a lot of time testing and comparing tools for creating a website. In the end I decided on WordPress because it is relatively widespread and WordPress themes or sites can be hosted by a large number of providers, regardless of their own web modules. And the biggest advantage: it was relatively easy for me to learn without much knowledge of html, CSS and the like.

Nevertheless I already know what I will miss about Blogger: the possibility to use different fonts and colours. For this I can place my pictures better here, define distances and write my texts more easily. Something that has always driven me crazy on my tablet so far. And that was worth the change!

As you may have noticed I also changed the name of my blog. I also thought about that for a long time. As I said, I wanted to create a connection between my native language and my crochet language because sometimes I really get tangled up in both. When I write something I often catch myself mixing English and German. So I think it represents me best if that is also reflected in the name of my blog.

The word Häkelmaschen may seem strange to you. In German it is written with ä, an umlaut, which doesn‘t exist in the english alphabet. Therefore I wanted to keep it simple and replaced the ä with an a in my web address (usually the ä is replaced with ae). After this little digression in the german language:

I hope you like my new blog – which is actually the old one – as much as I do! Thanks for stopping by.

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