Sneak Peek

The last weeks were very busy.
In July Ana from One Skein of Love asked me if I could help with another test.: a blanket in Overlay Mosaic crochet designed for a Cal (crochet along)

I started the test on July 27 and finished my blanket on September 10. Since then I worked

  • 207 chains for the foundation
  • 54.441 stitches for the blanket
  • 940 slip stitches and 8 chains to start the border
  • 1.928 stitches plus 16 chains for the back layer of the border
  • 3.840 stitches plus 32 chains for the front layer of the border
  • and 972 slip stitches and 12 single crochet for the final round

That makes a total of 62.396 stitches – if I haven’t miscounted. PHEW!

And I didn’t count the stitches I had to redo because my tension was off due to yarn issues!

But never mind, it was worth it! Here is a first sneak peek.

I wanted to match my Geometrics my When Summer turns into Fall blanket (I‘m still working on) so I used

  • Parchment, 4 balls
  • Walnut, 4 balls
  • Copper, 2 balls
  • Lime, 2 balls
  • Gold, 1 ball

At least that is what I have noted, hope it is correct.

As I didn’t follow Anas colourway I will list my colour placement with each part of the Cal.

The Cal will start on September 23 and I hope that a lot of people will join!
You will find more information on Anas Ravelry page.

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