My first blog post

My first blog post

YAY, I did it …

… I wrote my first blog post!

I have been thinking about it for a long time. I‘ve been thinking about wether I should write a blog, wether I will have the time and, above all, wether I will have enough topics. I am still not 100% sure about that but I decided to give it a go.

I thought nowadays it would be easy to create a website or a blog. A lot of provider offer domains (free or paid) and modular systems to create websites. I had no idea were the differences were and what would be the best for my purposes. So I had no choice but to take a closer look at some of them and – hmm – I think I learned something for life.

There is an overwhelming deluge of pre-made templates out there for all sort of purposes – some are free, some are not. Some can be edited on the tablet, others work better on the pc, some can hardly be changed at all without programming knowledge.

I am a visual person and also a bit of a perfectionist. I know crochet terms in different languages but I don’t know any programming. And as I am not earning money with this blog I wanted to keep my costs low for the start. Therefore it was impossible to get the perfect looking website with the design, the fonts and the colors I wanted. So I decided to postpone my claims for now and started here, just to see how it goes.

Another thing I learned is: writing a blog post is more time consuming as I thought. It is not just about finding the right words to express your thoughts. I also still spend a lot of time with formatting and arranging. Well, I think I will get used to this. So,

Welcome to my blog, I am happy that you found me!

 I’d like to show you some of my work, mostly the results of my crochet tests.  I am testing usually patterns for blankets, home decor and shawls but also Amigurumi. But I am sure that there also will be some of my “Me”-projects to show.

At the moment my favorites are patterns in Mosaic crochet. So I just started a blanket by Ana Morais Soares (One skein of Love). Besides I am testing several patterns for BebaBlanket and some of them will be released during the next weeks so that I can show them afterwards. And there are still many more ideas……

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