Review 2020

My pattern tests in 2020

Today I searched for some photos and came across this one by chance. I put this together at the beginning of the year as a review of my tests in 2020. I was surprised how many there were. Every single one of them was great fun.

You can find all of these patterns on Ravelry.

Here a topdown list of the names and designer, just in case you want to get some details:

1st row from left to right

  • Fly with Me Shawl by BebaBlanket
  • The Squash Dudes by misssBerlin
  • The Spooky Dudes by misssBerlin
  • Tidelands Wrap by Suzanne Carlson

2nd row from left to right

  • Kate the Camel by YukiYarnDesigns
  • Chevron Apache Waves by BebaBlanket
  • Sunny Spring Cowl by Suzanne Carlson
  • The Yule Dudes by misssBerlin

3rd row from left to right

  • Bloom Forever by BebaBlanket
  • The Juicy Dudes by misssBerlin
  • Greek Islands Blanket by BebaBlanket

4th row from left to right

  • Carter Jude Square by Pam Knighton-Haener
  • Peacock Dance by BebaBlanket
  • Raspberry Juice the Bunny by misssBerlin

5th row from left to right

  • Mosaic Christmas by BebaBlanket
  • Coral Reef Garden by BebaBlanket
  • Dioon Pillow by MyCrochetory
  • Gantavi Bag by Noelia Rodriguez (Shamana Crochet)

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