Some Easter decorations

I am sure you all know the times when suddenly ‘life happens’. Well, it just happened to me – a bit unexpectedly! So during the last two – almost three -weeks I had only very little time to crochet and, to be honest, only little desire to do it.

Nevertheless I’d like to show you some of my Easter decorations that are really quick and easy to make.

I made these back in 2021. Patterns are The Easter Dudes, a paid pattern by missBerlin and Easter Eggs, a free pattern by Tatiana Saienko from Planet Piu.

You can read all the details in this post.

And – as a kind of return to the world of crochet – I am just working on a 2023 edition.

As usual my Dude is made with Scheepjes Catona in the colour 505, Linen. But this time I decided to use the same colour for the Dude‘s Cap and the Easter egg – it is Schachenmayr Catania Trend in 507, Salbei (Sage).

I hope to get the Dude assembled today and then I will have to think about some embroidery. Still not my best discipline … so I guess it will be something simple and easy …

Have a lovely week 💕

Midnight Snowflakes ✔️

Finally it is done!
Today I gave the finished Midnight Snowflakes blanket to hubby. Just in time for his birthday next week!

Besides all the testing and other projects it took a little over a year to get it finished. I started it on 16. January 2022. And I still remember how hard it was to choose the colours! Oh dear! You can read all about my colour odyssey here. Hm, I still can see it in white and grey though …

But I really love how it turned out, I loved working on it andI love the colours!

It is made with Scheepjes Color Crafter, Rotterdam and Stylecraft Special DK, Duck Egg. With a border in Duck Egg – only the joining round made with Rotterdam.

You probably know this feeling when a long project is finished. You feel a bit empty – at least I do. I have to think about something new to work on in between! Yet no idea what it will be…

If you got inspired – the Midnight Snowflakes pattern is available here

Have a lovely week!

Hearts, hearts, hearts

Are you looking for some quick makes for Valentine’s Day? I found some free patterns for crocheted hearts that are really quick and easy to make. They are perfect for lovingly decorating a gift!

It started when I was looking for a certain document in my ‘pattern stash’ last week and stumbled across a pattern I had saved – probably years ago: Crocheted Hearts by Schachenmayr. It was not the pattern I was looking for but it was that ‘oh- look what I have’-moment, so I grabbed some yarn….

The two hearts in the bottom are made with the ‘Crocheted Hearts’ pattern from Schachemayr. The pattern is available for free on their website.

The Granny heart on top is also a free pattern: Heart Motifs by Emma Escott, available either on her blog Lululoves or on Ravelry.

I used Schachemayr Catania in the colours # 192, Weinrot and # 222, Orchidee (the two Schachenmayr hearts) and Scheepjes Catona, colour # 251, Garden Rose (the Granny heart).

Another lovely – and free – pattern I found is the ‘Heart and Soul Ornament’ by Maria Molodova. It is available in her Ravelry store.
Originally this heart is made with three rounds (I especially love the last one, twisted single crochet) but I think it also looks very nice when done with only two rounds or even only one. The tiny hearts in my cover picture are also made with this pattern.

And last but not least: at the moment I am working on these little cuties: Little Amigurumi Hearts by Mari-Liis Lille (Lilleliis) which I saw on Instagram. You will also find this pattern via Ravelry.

Do you feel like crocheting some hearts? There are a lot more lovely patterns out there. (Unfortunately I don’t have the time to try them out all.) Have fun!

New Colourway

Mere Curiosity

I have spent the last days with translating the Mere Curiosity pattern into German. Oh dear! Since German is my mother tongue I actually thought this was a good idea. Well … I hadn’t considered how long it had been since I had worked with a German pattern! In some places it was really difficult for me to find the right terms. I hope I have done it well! Any feedback is welcome!

However … To check the German instructions I made a new square. Originally I had planned to use four colours. After 10 rounds it looked too much like 70s for me, so I decided to add another colour. So now there is a new colourway available using 5 colours!

I used yarn from my stash, the brands are a bit mixed.

Schachenmayr Catania
# 206 – Honig
# 254 – Taupe
#+392 – Lime

Scheepjes Catona
# 520 – Lavender

Uschi Wolle Superglanz
# 63 – ?

Uschi Wolle is a German brand and unfortunately I only have the colour number and no name. I’d call it ‘Lachs’ which means ‘salmon’ in English. It is a little bit lighter than # 427 Scampi from Catania.

If you are interested you can download the new colour chart here.

Please also see my other posts about Mere Curiosity and

Have a nice weekend 💕

Mere Curiosity

Mere Curiosity is Live

Mere Curiosity is live

Phew, I finally managed to set up the Ravelry store and Mere Curiosity is uploaded! I am really excited!

The pattern is now available here.
As already mentioned, we will donate the proceeds for the Ukraine aid to Unicef.

You will find some more details about the Mere Curiosity Square either on Ravelry or in my previous post.

Although all special stitches used are explained in the pattern: if you are not familiar with some stitches or e.g. the technique of working in the 3rd loop, have a look at the ‘Good to know’ section. I have put together some explanations there in the last few days.

Have fun crocheting Mere Curiosity!

Mere Curiosity

What was your biggest crochet adventure last year? Besides testing all these lovely patterns mine was Mere Curiosity!

In the last year Pam Knighton-Haener from A Yarn of Serendipity has started a design group within her group of testers. Late last summer, I finally started to develop a design together with her. The result was Mere Curiosity.

What an adventure and what fun! Each of us designed a few rounds and then passed on the design to the other to continue.
Most of the work – I knew that already – was writing down the pattern with all it’s details like abbreviations, stitches used etc. Finally the pattern was tested in Pam’s test group in December. I’m just making the last little changes and then the pattern will be available in my Ravelry store, stay tuned!
We will donate the proceeds from the sales to Unicef to help Ukraine.

The finished square has 39 stitches per side and fits to Pam’s other squares. The final size of course will depend on the yarn and hook size you use.

For our samples we had the following results

Pam’s square from the pattern

Aran / Worsted Weight / #4

4,5 mm hook

24 cm / 11”

My sample from the pattern (the blue one)

DK / Light worsted / #3

3,5 mm hook

24 cm / 9,5”

The two samples shown below

Sport weight / #2

3 mm hook

21 cm / 8,5”

Fingering weight / #1

2,75 mm hook

20,5 cm / 8”

Mere Curiosity in Colourway 1

is made with Hobbii Rainbow Cotton 8/4 , a 2,75 mm hook and measures about 20,5 cm / about 8”.

Colour A – Hobbii Rainbow Cotton 8/4 – # 64 Dark Powder Rose
Colour B – Hobbii Rainbow Cotton 8/4 – # 50 Light Coral
Colour C – Hobbii Rainbow Cotton 8/4 – # 02 Natural White

Mere Curiosity in Colourway 2

Is made with Schachenmayr Catania, a 3 mm hook and measures about 21 cm / 8,5”.

Colour A – Schachenmayr Catania – # 427, Scampi
Colour B – Schachenmayr Catania – # 263, Soft Apricot
Colour C – Schachenmayr Catania – # 437, Sunkissed
Colour D – Schachenmayr Catania – # 402, Reseda

For this square I followed Pam’s colourway and only swapped colours C and D for rounds 7 and 8.

I hope you like Mere Curiosity as much as we do!

Looking for some Christmas crochet ideas?

Are you already busy with your Christmas preparations?

We are currently in the process of insulating the staircase in our house. One of the last major works – hopefully. Originally, we just wanted to insulate the ceiling and the outer wall. But in the middle of it all, we thought that since we had already started, we could also renovate the rest of the walls and the hallway. We have never liked the plaster… Looks like it will take a little longer now …

Besides I have redesigned this blog – you have probably already noticed that : D. It took me some time to decide about the layout and everything. And I am still working on some pages and revising some posts. Needless to say that my crochet time is very limited at the moment.

But maybe you are still looking for a little something to crochet? A few things I have done in the last few years are

Snowflakes and Stars

Some lovely little stars or snowflakes by Renata Saj. Easy and quick to make. And all are available for free in her Ravelry shop. I made

The Flower Star Snowflake, The Frosted Lace Snowflake and the Sun Star Snowflake

Hopefully I will find the time to make some more this year.

Or what about

The Xmas Dudes

One of the more Christmassy patterns from the Dudes Series by misssBerlin. The pattern is available in her Ravelry store.

I had the pleasure to test this pattern in November 2019 and loved it so much that I made some more in December.

The Yule Dudes

Also a cute pattern from the Dudes series and also available via Ravelry.

Here some pictures from my test project from September 2020.

You can read all about my ‚Christmas Dudes’ projects on my Ravelry pages

The Yule Dudes TEST, The Xmas Dudes TEST and Xmas Dudes

And last but not least the

Origami Star Ornament

You may have seen these beautiful stars on my old homepage. At the moment I am still looking at how I can integrate them there again, because it was my very first test – back in 2019.
Oh dear, I was so nervous at that time! But all went well!
I didn‘t make them as Christmas decorations but I think you can use them very well for that!
I am still in love with this pattern although it takes some focus and concentration to make them! I made mine with a sport weight (#2) yarn but you can also use a thicker yarn to make them a little bigger.

The pattern is from Goolgool and available in Galit‘s Ravelry store

I am just trying a new app with which you can isolate objects (just in case you wonder about the logo). Not bad!

Have a great time

What’s going on right now…

The last month was a really busy one. Besides work on and in the house – we now have solar panels on the roof – I was suffering from a cold and had a severe conjunctivitis. So my cochet time was a bit limited.

Meanwhile it is autumn here in Germany. Last week we were on the road when suddenly the temperature gauge of our car went crazy. So we went straight to the garage. They wanted to keep the car there to check what the problem could be. To start with, they found nothing, probably it was due to the humidity – it was often foggy the days before – nobody knows … However, it gave us a nice walk home! It was a pleasantly warm day and we found lots of chestnuts on our way.

In my little crochet world

Ana has released her new pattern, Hope. She designed it as a homage for her father who lost his fight against cancer.
I decided to make a nice shawl / wrap with this lovely pattern to keep my shoulders warm in winter. Hopefully I will be able to finish it the next few days.

Besides I started testing Ana’s new design for a winter Cal. But this is still a secret. I am planning to make a wall hanging with separate panels and all in different heights. Ana uses a yarn with a colour gradient, that much I think I can reveal. I have to go with my stash and couldn’t decide on a colour that suits the theme. So I will make it colourful. I am still struggling a bit with my selected colours and their placement but I hope that everything will work out in the end and it will look nice.

Pam from A Yarn of Serendipity also has released a new pattern: Sage Advice Square. Lovely and rich in texture as always. I will show you all details of my test version in some days.

And I started a little, more private, design challenge together with Pam. Some weeks ago she “founded” a little designing group in our test team. Now we are designing a square together. Each of us designs some rounds – absolutely exciting! I am curious to see what comes out of it and hope I can show you more soon.

That’s all for today – stay tuned!

My first traditional Granny Square

Can you imagine that I never have done a traditional Granny Square? I only noticed this in summer when I was looking for a project that could be easily done in the heat. I was thinking about finally starting the Beach Walk Blanket by Marion Mitchell. I purchased this pattern over a year ago but never started.

It is a blanket made of Granny Squares and I was caught by the colours she used which reminded me of my holidays at the North Sea. Due to all the different colours you need a huge pile of yarn. So before putting the whole yarn together I wanted to try a Granny square first to see if I like it at all.

Of course the technique of doing Granny Squares is explained in the pattern. Nevertheless, I was a bit hesitant because the work was turned after each round and I normally don’t like that. I always think that the stitches look much neater from the front side . That’s why I love mosaic crochet or working in the round without turning. So I wondered whether it is really necessary to turn the square after each round and searched the internet.

I was amazed by the result. I didn‘t know that there are so many variations of making a Granny Square! You really find a lot of different ways: starting with a chain and forming a ring or starting with a magic ring. Turning the square after each round or working in one direction only. Starting a round always in the same corner space or starting in different corner spaces Starting a round with a 3 dc group or starting in the middle of a 3 dc group. Working a ch2 in the corner spaces or working a ch3. Working a ch1 between the dc groups on the sides or not … and so on – phew!

So I had to try some of the different ways myself to see what works best for me. The results were astonishing.

Normally, when working in the round, I start each round with a standing stitch and end with an invisible join, regardless of what is written in the pattern. Surprisingly this doesn’t work for me in a Granny Square. So I start with a chain 3 and join with a slip stitch to the top of the ch3. Except for the last round, there my invisible join works perfect. Also a chain between the dc groups doesn’t work for me, neither does a ch3 in the corner spaces.
And the main point, turning the square after each round or not? Well … The reason for turning the work is to prevent the stitches from leaning to one side. And damaging the shape. This easily happens when you only work in one direction. I don’t think turning is necessary for a four round Granny or even the smaller ones. It might cause a problem with bigger ones tough – I haven’t tried it yet. Of course the look is different, depending on wether you turn your work or not. The left one in the photo below is made with turning the work after each round, the right one without.

And guess what? I never thought I would say this, but somehow I like the left one better.

So here is

My way to do a Granny Square

(US Terms)

Round 1:

  • In a Magic Ring: ch3 (as first dc), 2 dc, (ch2, 3 dc) 3 times, ch2 and sl to 3rd ch of the first ch3; cut yarn, turn

Round 2:

  • start in any ch2 corner space, ch3 (as first dc), 2dc in same corner space
  • (3 dc, ch2, 3 dc ) in next corner space, repeat 3 times omitting the last 3 dc
  • slip stitch to the top of the ch3, cut yarn, turn

Round 3:

  • Start in any ch2 corner space
    ch3 (as first dc), 2 dc in same corner space
  • *skip 3 dc, 3dc in the little space between the dc groups of previous round, skip 3 dc
  • 3 dc, ch2, 3 dc in next corner space*
  • repeat from * to * 3 times, omitting the last 3 dc, slip stitch to the top of the ch3, cut yarn, turn

Round 4 and ff.

  • Start in any ch2 corner space
    ch3 (as first dc), 2 dc in corner space,
  • *skip 3 dc, 3dc in the little space between the dc groups of previous round, skip 3 dc; repeat until next corner space
  • 3 dc, ch2, 3 dc in next corner space*
  • repeat from * to * 3 times, omitting the last 3 dc, slip stitch to the top of the ch3, cut yarn, turn

Repeat round 4 until you reach the desired size and finish the square with an invisible join. Bring all yarn tails to one side and work them away. Depending on the join you are going to use this should either be the right or the wrong side.

Be careful – it can be addictive!

When Summer turns into Fall Make along

Ana just started a new Make along (MAL) with her fabulous When Summer turns into Fall blanket.

I fell in love with this pattern the first time I saw it and knew immediately that I had to make it. I started it in January 2021 and no, it is not finished yet. Why?

Well, it all began with the photo above. I was writing a blog post about the projects I am working on besides testing. Mainly the Seashell Dudes by misssBerlin and When Summer turns into Fall. Since both of these projects were not very far along, I had the idea of using the cover photos of the patterns to show how they will look when finished. I therefore decided to contact the designers and ask for permission.
Having worked with Dana (misssBerlin) several times before, I was sure she would agree. But I had no idea how Ana would react. Nevertheless, I simply wrote her an email. And that’s how it began! Her answer was not long in coming and of course she agreed that I could use her photo. But she also asked me if I would like to test for her once. Guess what I answered! So I found myself testing her Gretchen, the Geometrics and many more …

It is an amazing journey and I have made a wonderful friend! Only my When Summer turns into Fall has slept peacefully in a bag so far. But I will now take the opportunity of the MAL to finally get on with it! It is such a relaxing pattern and fun to work on. Wish me luck!

Here my progress so far

Happy hooking 💕