Looking for some Christmas crochet ideas?

Are you already busy with your Christmas preparations?

We are currently in the process of insulating the staircase in our house. One of the last major works – hopefully. Originally, we just wanted to insulate the ceiling and the outer wall. But in the middle of it all, we thought that since we had already started, we could also renovate the rest of the walls and the hallway. We have never liked the plaster… Looks like it will take a little longer now …

Besides I have redesigned this blog – you have probably already noticed that : D. It took me some time to decide about the layout and everything. And I am still working on some pages and revising some posts. Needless to say that my crochet time is very limited at the moment.

But maybe you are still looking for a little something to crochet? A few things I have done in the last few years are

Snowflakes and Stars

Some lovely little stars or snowflakes by Renata Saj. Easy and quick to make. And all are available for free in her Ravelry shop. I made

The Flower Star Snowflake, The Frosted Lace Snowflake and the Sun Star Snowflake

Hopefully I will find the time to make some more this year.

Or what about

The Xmas Dudes

One of the more Christmassy patterns from the Dudes Series by misssBerlin. The pattern is available in her Ravelry store.

I had the pleasure to test this pattern in November 2019 and loved it so much that I made some more in December.

The Yule Dudes

Also a cute pattern from the Dudes series and also available via Ravelry.

Here some pictures from my test project from September 2020.

You can read all about my ‚Christmas Dudes’ projects on my Ravelry pages

The Yule Dudes TEST, The Xmas Dudes TEST and Xmas Dudes

And last but not least the

Origami Star Ornament

You may have seen these beautiful stars on my old homepage. At the moment I am still looking at how I can integrate them there again, because it was my very first test – back in 2019.
Oh dear, I was so nervous at that time! But all went well!
I didn‘t make them as Christmas decorations but I think you can use them very well for that!
I am still in love with this pattern although it takes some focus and concentration to make them! I made mine with a sport weight (#2) yarn but you can also use a thicker yarn to make them a little bigger.

The pattern is from Goolgool and available in Galit‘s Ravelry store

I am just trying a new app with which you can isolate objects (just in case you wonder about the logo). Not bad!

Have a great time

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