Various things from the past few days

Little green Soap Cozy

Publishing my first crochet pattern has been quite an experience. In different ways. Although I have tested various patterns in the meantime and basically believe that I know what a pattern should contain, I was surprised how much work it is to put everything on paper. It is much more than just writing down the sequence of stitches and repeats as I usually do for myself. The main difficulty for me was to formulate everything in such a way that – hopefully – everyone understands it and to give the whole thing a – hopefully – logical (and good looking) structure. I hope I succeeded in both. In any case, I can now appreciate all the work and effort that a designer puts into his design even better.

From the beginning I wanted to publish the instructions here on my blog. But I also wanted to know how it works to publish a pattern on Ravelry.

Publishing on Ravelry isn’t as difficult as I thought. You will be led through a kind of questionnaire in which you describe everything about your pattern. Basically, that’s all.

But I was a little bit overwhelmed when – within half an hour or so – I got a notification from Ravelry that my pattern made it under the top 20 on their Spotlight Debut Patterns page. Honestly, I didn‘t expect that. Actually I was more prepared for nobody to show any interest and then that – YAY!

Now I really hope that there are no mistakes in the instructions and that people are happy with the result!

Pattern testing

I‘ve finally finished a test for BebaBlanket, only some tails to work away and some pictures to take. It is a small blanket in Mosaic crochet worked in the round. The pattern will be released in the middle of July.

Another test for Ana from One Skein of Love is currently in progress. Also a blanket made with Mosaic crochet and the pattern will probably also be published this month. Fortunately it’s ok for Ana that my blanket won’t be ready by then.

Besides testing

The last few weeks I have been busy with very different things, not everything was crochet related.

Thank God hubby and I finally managed to get our first dose of the covid vaccination. So far without any problems. I spent hours in the vaccination center myself because I got an appointment – quite surprisingly and at short notice – that someone else canceled. Apparently a lot of appointments for the second shot were canceled that day (there are things I don’t understand … ). The process was correspondingly chaotic, but the staff was very friendly and tried to get everything in order.

But most of the time I spend on my tablet right now:

For some time now, I’ve been thinking about switching to another platform with this blog. I am still struggling with the design here and am looking for something that offers me more possibilities. So I am testing WordPress at the moment. It is possible to import content from Blogger to WordPress so that nothing is lost. But in my opinion everything has to be revised as in WordPress the structure (and also the fonts) are different. So I am busy behind the scenes … and I am afraid I underestimated the work that includes all of this … again …

With all the revisions, I noticed that I have mentioned my Greek Islands blanket many times but never shown it. Time to change that! So another post introducing my Greek Island blanket will follow soon.

In the meantime, here are a few impressions of our roof garden, where we had a visitor yesterday.

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