Stardust Melodies

Stardust Melodies –

An almost forgotten project

April has gone, May has come and my days are still busy …

Although the weather is too chilly for this season, some of our perennials are starting to bloom. I did some gardening, pulled weeds, cut back and planted some lettuce and herbs in the cold frame.

And besides the usual housework I finished some crochet tests.

Pam Knighton-Haener from A Yarn of Serendipity designed another lovely 12inch square. Her tests are always run in different phases so I am afraid it still will take some time until the pattern will be released and I can show the results.

Also worked on a test for another blanket designed by BebaBlanket. The pattern will be released somewhere in August.

And I am still working on the last rows of a beautiful test for Moi-Raya. It‘s a square made in Carreaux Crochet and – as soon as I’ve finished it – I will tell more about it in another post.

When I had a deep dive in my craft corner to find a suitable Aran yarn for Pam‘s test I came across some squares made from a pattern I bought 5 years ago

Stardust Melodies – the pattern

Stardust Melodies (pattern by Polly Plum)

Stardust Melodies is a design by Polly Plum – 24 beautiful, textured afghan blocks.

All are named after famous old songs like Dream a Little Dream of Me, Fools Rush In or It Had to Be You, just to name a few of them.

Sometimes I like to listen to this old music, sung by Frank Sinatra, Bing Crosby, Elvis, Cole Porter and all the others …

Stardust Melodies was released in 2017 as a Cal, consisting of 12 free squares and the option to buy an eBook with 12 additional squares. The skill levels vary between easy, intermediate and advanced.

I liked both, the designs as well as the idea of naming them after old songs. So I bought the eBook 5 years ago, not knowing that this will become one of my long-time-projects.

Stardust Melodies – my project

I always have some WIPs around me as I like to switch between different projects. I finish most of them in a reasonable time, but there are some that stay with me for longer. They sometimes disappear to live in a drawer but only to reappear when the time has come. And so it happened to Stardust Melodies.

I originally started this project in 2017 but put it aside after making a few squares. I wasn‘t happy with the color I had chosen and I also have to admit that I found some of squares quite difficult to make at that time. So I‘ve probably lost interest a little.

About two years later I stumbled across the pattern again and was fascinated again by the varied but matching designs. So I had a second start. I tried different yarns to see what works best. And the break also showed me, how much I had learned within the past two years – the squares weren’t difficult at all.

Stardust Melodies – my yarn

My yarn choice was King Cole Cottonsoft DK, more or less leftovers from another project. I still like the result very much.

I think now the time has come to finally end this project! I will have to sit down to work out how far I can get with my leftover yarns. As far as I have seen two of my colors are meanwhile discontinued and the other two are currently out of stock. Hm….. we will see…..

Stardust Melodies – some impressions

Here a selection of the squares I already made. I will have to take fresh photos when the weather and the light are better …

From left to right:

  • Begin the Beguine
  • Just One of Those Things
  • Don‘t Fence Me In
  • No Moon at All

From left to right:

  • Fools Rush In
  • Mack the Knife
  • Where or When
  • I‘m Beginning to See the Light

4 thoughts on “Stardust Melodies”

  1. Hi Eleni,I did the Stardust Melodies Cal back in 2017 and like you, found some of the squares quite challenging. Did you find yourself singing the songs as you crocheted?I actually did two at the same time, as Christmas gifts for friends and made a CD of all the songs to give to them with it. Strangely, the colour pallet of one of mine is very like yours. If you like crocheting blankets, another nice one to do, which was a CAL also is ‘Nuts about Squares’ from It’s All In A Nutshell. And like Stardust Melodies, there are YouTube videos. You chose what you are ‘nuts’ about and added your themed colour scheme. There were some beautiful squares to make and a bonus cushion at the end. Mine was ‘Nuts about Lavender Fields’Suex


  2. Hi Sue,what a great idea to make a corresponding cd for your present! And yes, I at least sang along with the songs I knew in my head. And I’ve made up my mind to listen to them all when I continue crocheting, but I still haven’t solved my yarn problem.I know Nuts about squares but strangely I never made one. It’s a great design. Do you have photos of your Nuts about Lavender Fields?ELeni x


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