New page on my blog – Colour Boards

I have just added a new page to my blog: Colour Boards.

Some time ago I already told you about how I am trying to put together colours for a new project and how I try to compensate for the lack of a yarn shop nearby. (You can read about it here.)
I am still working with the digital yarn patches from the Stylecraft website and my „hardware“ colour swatches. But I also started to create something new. New for me at least!

I have been collecting mood boards and colour combinations that I like for a long time. I often use them when I’m putting together colours for a new project. For me they are always a great way to get started. But I have never tried to translate a certain atmosphere that I like in a picture into yarn colours myself. Until now!

I came to this when I was checking the files for Ana’s Costa Nova Cal. The first colours that spontaneously came to mind were what we call navy colours: dark blue, red and white. But then I asked myself which colours – apart from the navy colours – could also represent the summer? Summer, sun, beach, what do I associate with it? And I found myself looking for some photos that call to me. And voila, I created my first colour board based on a picture and a certain atmosphere.

If you follow my blog you have probably already seen some of them in my post about the Costa Nova Cal. But meanwhile I created some more and collected them on a separate page. I am sure new ones will follow.

I hope you like them and find them inspiring!