Dancing Diamonds Cal

Have you seen that Ana from One Skein of Love is hosting a new Cal?

The Dancing Diamonds Cal.

Photo by Ana Morais Soares / One Skein of Love

It will start on May, 4th and comes in 5 parts. Ana just released the Introduction file with all relevant information.
Again it will be a blanket made in Overlay Mosaic Technique. This time there also will be translations into several different languages like Spanish, Dutch, French and German.
You can read more about it in Ana’s blog post or on Ravelry.

Besides translating I had the pleasure to test this pattern. Or better, have … So far I am still working on it … for very sad reasons.

Shortly before the test started we lost my mother-in-law. And, after a long life together – they had been married for over 70 years – my father-in-law followed her only 4 weeks later. I miss them sorely! It has made a bit of a mess of my life.

But it also makes this blanket very special for me – I will always associate it with memories of them.

My choice of colour this time really comes from deep within my heart.

Originally I had something completely different in mind. I wanted to make something really colourful – just to cheer me up a bit!

So I spread a mountain of yarn on the dining table: Spice, Saffron, Tomato, Clementine – Vintage Pink, Apricot, Powder Pink, Pale Rose – Plum, Grape, Raspberry, Burgundy, Violet and some neutrals like Cream, Mocha, Buttermilk, Silver and Grey.
When I started combining hubby looked over my shoulder and started rearranging everything.…
Most of the time it brings good results when we connect our thoughts, this time it led to nothing! He did not agree with my ideas and I did not agree with his.
As I started to tidy up with the words < I’ll have to sleep on it > my eyes fell on a ball of Mushroom that I’m using for another project. Somehow four colours stayed in my arms …

I started with these colours the same evening. Not sure if it would work …
What shall I say?

I never thought of combining Grey and Mushroom but I absolutely love the result!

The colours are hard to capture in a photo though.

I am just working on the last part of the blanket and hope to be able to show you more of it when the Cal starts. I don’t think I will be completely finished by then but I’ll do my best

See you 💕

4 thoughts on “Dancing Diamonds Cal”

    1. Thank you, Pam! And you are so right. I never thought it would help in such a situation, but it does.
      I am really looking forward to your new squares!


  1. Dear Eleni, my thoughts are with you as you work through you sorrow. May the colors you have chosen bring a calm to your heart.


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