Talavera Blanket

Finally I can show you the project I worked on from the mid December last year until mid January: Talavera!

Talavera is a design by my friend Ana Morais Soares from One Skein of Love. She was asked by the Simply Crochet Magazine to design a blanket for a Cal.
The Cal has just started and part 1 is published. For further information either have a look at issue 122 of the Simply Crochet Magazine, their Ravelry page or website.

It was quite a challenge to finish this beauty in more or less 4 weeks! But so worth the effort!

For her design Ana used Caron Simply Soft, an Aran weight. As you might know Aran is not my favorite yarn weight. So I went for Stylecraft Special DK.

I already showed my colour scheme a few days ago, which – again- was inspired by a mood board of Pipin Poppycrock.

I mainly followed Ana’s colour placement but – partly by accident and partly on purpose – I have made some colour changes. So here my notes:


Talavera Blanket

Replacement of


Vintage Peach
Soft Peach


Round 19, 27, 37
Round 40
Round 73
Round 74
Round 78
Round 79
Round 85
Round 86

Silver instead of C5
Apricot instead of C2
Grey instead of C5
Vintage Peach instead of C4
Soft Peach instead of C2
Silver instead of C3
Grey instead of C5
Apricot instead of C4

I am very happy with the result!
It will be a gift for my mother in law and I hope she will like it as much as I do!

2 thoughts on “Talavera Blanket

  1. *Hello Eleni, I just love your colorway of the blanket. I just bought the magazine Simply Crochet with part 2, I will wait to get all 7 parts or I might just start sooner, I need to see what yarn I have at home or if I need to order. Your Talavera Blanket is amazing.* *Greetings from Greece. * *Sofia*

    1. Hi Sofia, thank you so much for your kind words! I am happy to hear / read that you love the pattern and my colour way. Have fun and greetings back from Germany 💕💕💕

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