Mosaic Chevron

Mosaic Chevron

is another pattern test for BebaBlanket. She just released the pattern for this lovely chevron blanket in her Ravelry store.

I love chevron patterns. I have just dealt with this topic, so I know that there are a lot of different variations. But isn’t it amazing how you can influence the look of a simple chevron pattern by combining it with mosaic crochet?

I started with this test at the end of November last year, but I had a very slow start. I can’t say how many color combinations I’ve tried and discarded! Finally I decided to go with Stylecraft Special DK in Graphite and Duck Egg and I think this was a good decision.

The pattern is similar to the Chevron Apache Waves pattern that BebaBlanket released last year. Only the technique is different. Apache Waves is done Overlay Mosaic technique and Mosaic Chevron is worked in a technique that – in some places – is called Inset Mosaic.

In short words, the difference between both is, that Overlay is worked only from the frontside and the yarn is cut and the color is changed after every row. With Inset two rows are worked with the same color and the yarn is carried along the sides. (There are even more differences, but that is perhaps worth another blog post.)

I had the chance to test Chevron Apache Waves last year and made a place mat with this pattern.

It was my first pattern in overlay mosaic technique and so I didn‘t know much about the different border options. I just left all the tails as a fringe, which is one of the various options, and that works pretty good for a place mat or coaster.

In the meantime I have already done several mosaic patterns, both Inset and Overlay. I think Mosaic Chevron is my third blanket made with Inset mosaic technique. The result is a nice lap blanket. It measures about 74 x 102 cm.

Mosaic Chevron – pattern

Except for the mosaic double crochet the chevron pattern is done completely in single crochet and therefor I used a 4,5 mm hook. I was afraid that otherwise it would get too tight and I don‘t like blankets that feel hard and stiff.

As color A I used Duck Egg and color B is Graphite.

I started with 166 chains, that are 7 repeats in width and mixed the pattern with plain chevron sections.

Mosaic Chevron – My Layout

My layout looks like this:

  • 3 pattern repeats
  • plain section consisting of
    • 6 rows color B
    • 2 rows color A
    • 2 rows color B
    • 2 rows color A
    • 6 rows color B
  • 3 pattern repeats, starting again with row 1
  • plain section (as above)
  • 3 pattern repeats starting with row 1

The pattern states to start with row 3 after the plain section. And when I write that I started with row 1 that‘s just a different way of writing. It means, that I did two more plain rows in color A, just to get the same color scheme I started with.


Mosaic Chevron – My border

Compared with my Apache Waves place mat my Mosaic Chevron had only a few yarn tails. But of course on one side the carried yarn is visible. So I was looking for a plain and simple border, just to hide the threads.

I decided to go with just one row of single crochet in Graphite, worked with a 4 mm hook.

Here my scheme:

  • Top: following row 1 of the chevron pattern
  • Left side: one single crochet in every row
  • Bottom: following row 1 of the chevron pattern but without skipping stitches and the „tips“ worked in the chain spaces
  • Right side: one single crochet in every row
  • 3 single crochet in each of the four corner stitches

I really enjoyed working on this pattern. It is easy to memorize and relaxing! And the graphic result is great in my eyes!



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