About Me

About me

Hi, I am Edith!

ELeni is just a short form – or combination – of my first name and my middle name Helene.

I am from Germany and as you probably already noticed, this Blog is all about my hobby crochet.

Like most grandmothers of my time my grandma taught me to crochet when I was little. But as a child I was not really interested in handicrafts. And although being a teenager during the 70s (yes, I’m already that old) I always thought in particular crochet was a bit old-fashioned. Therefore I never got beyond the basic stitches and have spent a whole time of my life without a lot of needlecraft. Besides school and studies there was so much more that I didn‘t miss anything…
It was during my thirties that I was looking for a balance to a stressful job. So I started knitting socks and doilies, did a bit embroidery in cross stitch, tried some patchwork and sewed teddy bears.

I think it was in 2013 when I picked up crocheting again. Back then I spotted the beautiful work of international designers and discovered what you can do with crochet stitches. That’s when I started working with English patterns and learned all about clusters, puffs, popcorns, back- and front post stitches and not to forget “frogging”.In 2019 I started testing crochet patterns and since then hardly a day has passed without my crochet hook. During this last years I met a lot of nice, kind and talented people from all over the world. That’s why I decided to write this site in English.

And at this point a little note on my own:

Since English ist not my mother tongue please be lenient with me. I try to do my best, but, if at some point I use strange formulations or wrong grammar: I am happy to receive any hints and corrections – thanks in advance.