Midnight Snowflakes ✔️

Finally it is done!
Today I gave the finished Midnight Snowflakes blanket to hubby. Just in time for his birthday next week!

Besides all the testing and other projects it took a little over a year to get it finished. I started it on 16. January 2022. And I still remember how hard it was to choose the colours! Oh dear! You can read all about my colour odyssey here. Hm, I still can see it in white and grey though …

But I really love how it turned out, I loved working on it andI love the colours!

It is made with Scheepjes Color Crafter, Rotterdam and Stylecraft Special DK, Duck Egg. With a border in Duck Egg – only the joining round made with Rotterdam.

You probably know this feeling when a long project is finished. You feel a bit empty – at least I do. I have to think about something new to work on in between! Yet no idea what it will be…

If you got inspired – the Midnight Snowflakes pattern is available here

Have a lovely week!

4 thoughts on “Midnight Snowflakes ✔️”

  1. Eleni, you inspire me! First with Winter Wonderland and now with Midnight Snowflakes. I am about a quarter way through my second Winter Wonderland using your colors. I put the first one out last Christmas as family arrived home. Anyone who would like it could put their name in the box and later one name would be drawn for the winner (I have been doing this for the last three years with different afghans). My oldest daughter had her heart set on this one but didn’t get it. She came to me later and asked if I would make another just for her. It is not boring. I finished another silver an white pattern, sat back and said to myself “This is beautiful!”

    And now comes Midnight Snowflakes! I had been working on Winter Night pattern by Gaelle Urbanet which I love but was not happy with the colors I had chosen (white and something close to graphite. It looks dead. I remember a scene from thirty years ago. I stood looking out the window as the sun rose lighting up huge snowbanks in the back yard. The banks that caught the sun changed to a beautiful light pink and the shadowed side a light smoky blue. Snow doesn’t have to be white. Still I didn’t know what to do with my Winer Night. Your Midnight Snowflakes is beautiful and gives me the courage to try again.

    Thank you for sharing!


    Sent from Mail for Windows


    1. Hi Eleanor,
      I am happy to hear that you got inspired by my Midnight Snowflakes (and also Winter Wonderland, which is still one of my favorites).
      I am sorry to read about your Winter Night though! How far have you got with it? Maybe you could add a third colour in the sky area? Or brighten it up with a different colour for the border? Maybe a light blue, soft rose or apricot? Good luck 💗


      1. Thank you for your color suggestion for Winter Night. I will bring it out again after I finish Winter Wonderland and see what I can do with it.

        Sent from Mail for Windows


      2. Gladly, it was just a spontaneous idea though. Maybe someday you can let me know what you did with it? I would be happy!


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